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Inside the cave, after making it past the first Crystal Golem (again, if you run past him he will stop chasing you eventually) you will reach a point where the crystal walkway makes a Z shape, but don't follow this path just yet.

Before you turn the first corner of the Z shape, on the left you will notice an opening with some snow falling and hitting thin air - or so it would seem.

Since the falling snow may be a little harder to use as a guide, Prism Stones are extremely helpful in determining where is safe to walk and they will also make the journey back much easier due to the trail they leave.

Once at the other end, you will reach another crystal beam where you will find a Blue Titanite Slab - so it's absolutely worth the journey.

The snow is actually hitting one of the Crystal Cave's invisible paths.

Note: The invisible paths are completely transparent walkways that are placed around the cave.

Head back up the invisible path that brought you down here and then make your way across the crystal walkway at the top until you reach solid land again - be careful not to slip off while making your way across.If you would rather not have to fight all the Crystal Golems on your way through the garden, as you can quite easily out-run them.Head straight for the opening and start making your way down the crystal walkways.Return to the invisible platform directly above where the second Golden Crystal Golem stood and continue through to the other end of the tunnel to find another invisible path, but this one is not straight like the other ones - this path is full of sharp turns and bends.The key here is patience, only moving when you are certain - even if it means waiting a bit.

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( Tip: For an easy kill, wait at the edge close-by to where the invisible path ahead starts and keep firing arrows at it while it comes across the invisible path - there's a possibility that it'll attempt a jump attack at you from the path and fall to its death in the process).

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