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Looking For: Someone who knows that you only live once.

and she doesn't particularly want to keep it private.(Reposted from my main account, as I no longer wish to have it associated with explicit works.) While making his last curry delivery for the evening, Dingo interrupts a private moment between his Cross Fusion teammates, Hikari Netto and Rokushakudama Nenji, who propose he take part in their steamy, late-night escapade. You have a good job and make decent money, you have a nice apartment and you get fine marks with the ladies.Speaking of ladies you haven’t been with one in a while and it’s starting to get to you.There wasn't a part of Sam that Dean didn't know about. Once he discovers her true identity is Corrin, one of his closest friends and biggest crush at Nohr U, a plan to bring their online sex life into the real world surfaces.It's time for Odin_Darkest to step out of the shadows. Dragonlily: Surely a man of your talents should rank higher?

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looking for you Live each day as if twas ya last, so nomatter da situation, stand firm n neva givup.

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