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Text and email communications are common forms of CMIP.

Individuals often engage in innocent communications that become problematic as the subject matter becomes racier or suggestive.

Some people may think that images and videos only last a few seconds on social media and then they're deleted, but they can still be saved or copied by others.

Sexting is when someone shares sexual, naked or semi-naked images or videos of themselves or others, or sends sexually explicit messages.

Most child pornography charges occur when someone has received images of child pornography through a web device.

In some instances, individuals receive child pornography in "batches" of pornography when they have not actually sought child pornography.

It is illegal for a person to communicate with a minor for immoral purposes. Immoral purposes are essentially communications of a sexual or obscene nature.

CMIP is a gross misdemeanor unless the communication takes the form of an electronic communication or the person charged has previously been convicted of CMIP or a felony sex offense. Both the gross misdemeanor and felony version of CMIP require registration as a sex offender.

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Allegations of illegal behavior involving electronic communications, photography, or video can be some of the most damaging and difficult to address as these materials can be seized by law enforcement and become damaging evidence of a crime.

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