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Composer Respighi wrote the uplifting music inspired by nature and the flight of the dove that accompanies this card - ideally suited for Independence Day, Christmas and New Year - or any time you want to send your hopes for peace and joy!Inspired by the vibrant and colorful chorinho music of Brazil, this card will cheer you up and see life on this precious planet of ours through a different lens.There is a saying that if you can fold one thousand origami cranes your wish will be granted.The custom has inspired millions in their hope for peace in the world.We've grown a bit since then: we're now the world's largest card store, with a range of over 600,000 cards, invitations, and announcements designed by our hand-picked community of artists, who can also customize your cards for you.We're still growing, with our artists adding a staggering 500-1,000 new cards every day!In Japan it is also a custom for couples getting married.

October is breast cancer awareness month so this card is available free of use to all so we can spread the word and find a cure.

This card is a celebration of diversity and peace for all of our global family.

Prominent Tibetan singer songwriter Techung has kindly provided the beautiful music in this card, which transports you to the heart of Tibet, soaring above the "Roof of the World".

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What better way to show how much you care than sending them an ecard from American Greetings.

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