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A neoplasia was present in four patients (age 10–50 yrs), and a fifth patient developed a cholesteatoma during childhood.It is of interest that two cases had an early onset of the neoplasia as compared to the expected age of development in the general population.Molecular genetic studies revealed that the development of neuroendocrine tumors involves different pathways and different abnormalities (point mutations, gene deletions, DNA methylation, and chromosomal losses and/or gains), but no reports suggest any involvement of chromosome 5p [7].

Papillary thyroid cancer is the most common cancer of the thyroid, and the prevalence of the neoplasm is higher in females.There is no family history of either mammary or ovarian cancer.A breast cancer diagnosis was done when the patient was 31 and she died the same year.In conclusion, available information suggests that surveillance for cancer development in Cd C can follow the guidelines for the general population.Cri du Chat syndrome (Cd C), caused by a deletion involving the short arm of chromosome 5, is observed in 1 : 15.000 to 1 : 50.000 newborns [1]. [2] reported a comprehensive review of both clinical and molecular data, suggesting that life expectancy may be normal, in the absence of major malformations.

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