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And if you’re looking for more great relationship advice, don’t miss these 15 Signs Your Partner Is Marriage Material.“In many straight relationships, the men have their ‘boys nights’ and the girls have their ‘girls night,’ as though men and women cannot be friends with one another,” notes Juliette Prais, CEO of Pink Lobster Dating and Matchmaking.

“Rather than always having to ask ‘what are you thinking about? ” When you take the right to marriage for granted, it’s easy to brush it off as a formality.

Maybe that’s maintaining healthier friendships with past partners, maybe it’s approaching parenthood in a refreshingly equal way, or maybe it’s simply negotiating the more troublesome moments that any couple faces with a healthier sense of optimism.

Whatever the case, we’ve compiled all of the pointers that any straight couple could learn from same-sex one right here—straight from the experts.

“When there are two women in a relationship, there is always a great deal more communication, which helps to get to the bottom of any issues which may be boiling beneath the surface,” Prais points out.

“Straight couples often mask over the issues and don’t communicate enough—keep talking!

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