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I do have plenty of same-age male friends with whom I like to go to the theatre and concerts but whereas with older men I like to go out, with the younger men I like to stay in. We give each other our best when we are together – no dirty socks, no whingeing – and that’s what keeps it fresh. PREVIOUSLY married men tend to understand about homework, the school run, food preparation, putting the bins out, laundry and housework.

They may not always know what they want but they are more likely to know what they don’t want, which means they are less likely to waste your time.If that’s being a cougar then label me but I won’t hit on somebody unless I get feedback or they approach me first. If they have been married they have a tendency to be bitter if the marriage didn’t work out, or a bit cynical about women, and the tendency is to bring all that into a new relationship. None of this sounds glamorous but that’s the point.Also many formerly married men are looking for a lot of flings as they ease themselves back on to the market. A more mature man is better able to see – and prize – the woman who exists behind all the other roles she must play.These 30-something women are eager to get in on the boy-toy action, and guys are happy to oblige.Fact is, no matter what age bracket you're talking about, being with an "older" woman appeals to a lot of men.

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