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The function of patina as a protective layer can also be seen in the Statue of Liberty.

Copper(II) oxide and magnesium oxide are both ionic. If you rewrite this as an ionic equation, it turns out that the oxide ions are spectator ions and you are left with: A last comment on oxidising and reducing agents If you look at the equation above, the magnesium is reducing the copper(II) ions by giving them electrons to neutralise the charge. Looking at it the other way round, the copper(II) ions are removing electrons from the magnesium to create the magnesium ions.Unlike other destructive oxidation, patina acts as a protective layer.This is the reason as to why, copper is considered as an important metal, resistant to corrosion.Note: The equation for this is rather complicated for this introductory page.If you are interested, you will find a similar example (ethanol to ethanoic acid) on the page dealing with writing equations for redox reactions.

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