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A number of locations and interactions are available only when dating. The character who caught them gets -30 relationship points.If the player is caught while hugging or kissing another character, both the character the player interacted with and the character who caught them get -30 relationship points.After earning enough hearts with that character the player can confess and propose to them normally.The chances of them accepting the player's confession and/or proposal and their dialogue lines are the same as if they have never been married to the player before.If the player does not gift an Apology Bear within a week after a character gets jealous, their romantic relationship with that character ends. Romance missions and cutscenes will not trigger jealousy even if several characters the player is romancing are involved in them.Additionally, taking Merlin on a date in News Camera cannot trigger The player can end a romantic relationship at any time by gifting their partner a Withered Branch purchased at Alice's Flower Shop.Romance allows the player to date and eventually marry eligible non-playable characters.Player characters can freely date any character, regardless of gender, as long as the NPC is not a child, already or previously married, elderly, or in certain scenarios, creatures or pets.

When the player has a Heart Knot in their inventory they can give it as a special gift to confess their feelings.Albert, Gust, Mint, Nora, Oaks, Petra, Sonia, and Xu are the characters that can propose to the player themselves, either during their romance missions or afterwards.Certain characters have special missions the player has to complete before marrying them.At high enough relationship levels, being in a romantic relationship with one or more characters allows new relationship perks and social interactions to unlock, as well as new selfie poses that would only be otherwise available with the Photographer skill.Romance can only begin after the player confesses to a character.

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