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Let's dive into the first section - the starting point for creating your subject line.Before you even start a first draft, get into the right mindset to better relate to your prospects, and remind you of key points you can make with your email subjects for sales.Adjust the tone of your email based on the type of people you’re sending it to.If you’re sending an email to CEOs of large companies, your tone should be different than if you’re emailing free-spirited small business owners.Including things like slang and idioms (where appropriate) can be a great way to do this.Good Example: Many people only check emails on their smartphones, so keeping your subject lines short and sweet is imperative.But your email body should deliver what your subject line promises.

Good Example: When you see a subject line that addresses you personally, or seems catered specifically to you, you’re more likely to want to open and read the email.Craft them in a way that you would in a ‘real’ email, as you would to a friend or coworker.Communicate like a real human—not a pushy marketing expert trying to make some quick sales.That email was like a guy running a marathon, sprinting the first three miles, being ahead of everyone else, and then collapsing and never making it to the finish line. Experiment with them to see what gives you the most success! However, a tiny intentional spelling mistake can make your email come across as more human.It was the first email that I opened in my inbox, but once I saw that the subject line was just a clever trick and the sender wasn’t really disappointed, I didn’t bother responding. A small mistake such as hitting the key beside the letter you would normally put in that word won’t make it seem like you don’t actually know how to spell the word, but rather that you may have typed and sent it in a hurry.

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