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” Q&A: How Important Is Physical Attraction in Christian Dating and Marriage? There’s nothing wrong with just getting to know her more.

Guard her heart by not leading her on, but if you are not sure if you like her or not then you should gather more information and more experiences with her until you know one way or the other. In the big scheme of things going out a few times with a girl won’t hurt anything if you end up not liking her romantically. Physical Attraction Is Important in a Christian Relationship, but Your Spouse Does Not Need to Be Your Ideal “Type” I do think physical attraction is important.

However, I think there is a difference between your ideal “type” compared to a woman who is still attractive to you but just may not have the exact type of body you are most attracted to.

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While I do think you must be physically attracted to your wife, I don’t think she needs to have the ideal “type” of body parts that you would most prefer.

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