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After washing my hands and looking in the mirror to ensure that I didn't need to touch up my makeup, I particularly liked the way my hair was framing my face. He asked if he could tie me up slowly, and I agreed, partly because I assumed he was stalling to allow his pharmaceutical helper to catch up to his desires.And then, on a whim, I stepped out of my dress, took off my shoes, paused for a moment, then removed my panties and bra. He placed leather wrist and ankles restraints on me, and just the thought of being helpless excited me.

Or if you'd like something to suit the entire family, perhaps the Log Flume or Dodgems.

He then took the massager, which had a rather large, almost garlic shaped attachment, and placed it on my pelvic bone.

Deftly, he turned on the massager, and I thought to myself that this stimulation would never get me to orgasm.

I did not write many of these stories - I contributed to a site that went down several years ago, and I am attempting to bring back the stories to the Internet for others to view and receive pleasure from. Written by Leesa (the blogger for this site) When I walked into the restaurant and was led to the table of my blind date, I was a bit surprised.

He was supposed to be 49 years old, which would make him 5 years my senior. That, plus him being well-read, and I knew he was intellectually my equal.

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