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Die User entscheiden, welches Match sie intensiv verfolgen wollen und Toni hält sie über Aufstellungen, Tore etc. ** Spielbericht ** Haben Sie keine Zeit, dem Spiel durch die Live-Score-Funktion zu folgen?

Der Bot versendet die wichtigsten Nachrichten-Updates. ** Spieler ** Fragen Sie Toni nach bestimmten Fußballspielern oder der Aufstellung eines Teams. ** Teams ** Interessieren Sie sich für ein bestimmtes Team?

She reached down and yanked my belt off then grabbed me with one hand while she pushed me back with the other. When I took a breath and looked up at her, the lust on her face, her swollen nipples, and the rise of her mons were just too much to resist. Smells like we both need a shower.” “Yeah,” I said. “Of course,” I said, disappointed somehow that she didn’t automatically suggest we take a shower together.

“Well looks like this part wasn’t worn out,” she said. I stood and speared her in a motion as fluid as sheathing a sword. Holding her tightly to me, I straitened up, then sat back on the chair. I broke the kiss this time and tried to catch my breath. “You’re right.” Daisy hopped up, naked and beautiful.

All of a sudden she came down on me so hard I could feel her clit almost bite into me as it raked over the head of my cock. I thought I was spent but I squirted one last time, clearing the water and landing just below her breast.

Even with the TV on mute I seemed to be able to hear the moans and grunts from the screen. Just as Daisy grabbed my face and kissed me, licking my lips this time, and forcing her tongue into my panting mouth, she kept raking her clit across the head of my cock. As we both came down, panting and totally relaxed, Daisy lifted her knees, leaned back in my arms and somehow slipped her swollen lips from the bottom to the top of my softening cock.

Back in the spa I cleaned-up, manually changed the TV channel to a news station, and retrieved the remote.

Daisy took a big gulp of her coffee, squeezed her eyes tight and swallowed. Daisy moved her hand and rubbed my pole against her slit. “Hair of the dog, Daddy” I looked into her eyes and as she slipped against me. “When Mom divorced you, as far as I’m concerned, I was no longer related to you.” “That’s quite a stretch of logic there, don’t you think? “What matters is this.” Daisy moved up off my shaft and one fluid motion she tilted forward and down and swallowed me whole. I couldn’t stand it and started cumming like a gusher down her throat.

The next morning, I was sitting in the kitchen in my short robe (still not thinking) sipping on my coffee when Daisy walked in. It was really too small for her but she didn’t seem to care that she was showing a significant amount of leg and chest when she flopped down in the chair next to mine. I got up and went to the cupboard, got her a cup, poured it almost full of coffee added a dash of Irish whiskey.

“Have some hair of the dog, Hon.” “Thanks,” she said and looked up at me quizzically. How much of last night did she remember, or did she think it was a dream.

I floated in and out of her body while I ran my hands all over her, feeling her breasts, her face, her arms, her butt. I felt I could get lost in her and never regret a moment. I leaned into her and we shared a soulful kiss as we continued to fuck.

When we broke the lip lock, Daisy began twisting her hips and said, “Cum in me, Daddy, cum in me.” Like it was the secret word, I came.

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