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These words are particularly useful if you’re out partying, flirting or getting into trouble. Whether you’re in Argentina, Cuba, Spain, Mexico, Ecuador or doing a tour of Latin America, you’ll want to learn the slang appropriate for that region.The following guide will quickly get you up to speed on Peruvians’ least formal words and phrases.Think you can live it up right in Lima or Cuzco with just the Spanish you learned in high school?

It’s made with pisco, egg white, lime and simple syrup.Find and contact other like minded travellers across the globe.A few hours honest help per day in exchange for food & accommodation and an opportunity to meet others.Most of these are now pan-Peruvian (intra-Peruvian distinctions are falling away thanks to TV and internal migration) and some can even be heard in neighboring countries like Columbia, Chile, Ecuador and Bolivia. But note that it’s common enough in Peru to get printed in newspaper headlines without explanation, so it’s probably about time for the youth to come up with something new.This isn’t so much slang as it is an important national pastime that you must be aware of if you’re going to speak Peruvian Spanish. If you have a high-end pisco, enjoy it straight; otherwise you’ll want to use it in a cocktail to create…This is the national cocktail of Peru, and you can instantly spark a fight by suggesting to Peruvians that it might in fact be Chilean.

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It’s good to know what it means, regardless, because you might well hear it used neutrally or positively in the right contexts, like “Hey dude, what’s up?

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