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Neither is it easy to express my sense of obligation to the un-named and innumerable helpers, whether in France or in this country, who have contributed to the enriclmient of these pages. I especially record with gratitude my obligation to my friend Leopold Cust, whose contributions (especially in the field of technical renderings) have left their permanent mark on the text of the vocabulary. The phonetic spelling thus shown after a S're Hch word is, of course, intended for the use of the Knglish reader, and vice versa ; and. as in "tftin" and "rtine:" yet with the simple assistance given under the heading TH and the corresponding marks of " fbrt " or " ft Uble " opposite each word, any Frenchman can sound either of these combinations very nearly as it ought to be sounded. ADVI'SER conseiller] Spiritual _, Directeur AD'VOCACY [fceeel difinse : plaidoyer AO'VOCATE \}c€\ avocat : defenseur : partisan | 1X1. arranged AQENCEMENT' ordering : grouping : order Agencer' va. [in, de] vetir : parer ATT'ITUDE a— [painting, acting) Dose A point (S') means silent, or ON" LL' L" liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. tive AUGMENTATION" _ : increase [de prix) advance : rise Augmenter' v. to-day : this day : now : AULOFFEE | Defiez V—\ Dice! AUMo NE alms : charity | JJIB al'monry AUMONIER" chaplain | —l ERE small bag /AUNAGE length : measuring ^AUNE ell I Long d'nne , A yard long s AUNE alder [a comme o dans sort] t AUN^E elecampane : starwort ^Auner' va. before : before now : pre- viously : first : once Aupr^s" prep, [de, ...] near : by : close to : to : next to : in comparison with | ad. to correct : to reform : to Improve | des epreuves. To cheat (at cards] Se , To correct [ou cure] o's : to improve Corroboranf -e a. ive CORROBORATION" [med^ strengthening Corroborer" va. to corrupt [acheter) to bribe Iviaiide) to taint | Cforrompu -e pp. to strengthen : to give body to | Se , To become serious : to put on one's corset CORSET" _ : stays (pi] bodice C0RSETIER"-1£RE stay-maker CORTEGE ' ° : procession : train | En grand Corveable a. [cargo, gun) decharger '2 [debt) acquitter [duty) remplir [dismiss) con- i J gedier : renvoyer [prisoner) elargir : mettre en liberte [Ru'i^) dechar

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IV.— THE MANNER OF ARRANGING THE VERB CONJUGATIONS: AND THE REFERENCE BY NUMBER TO SUCH CONJUGATIONS FROM THE TEXT OF THE DICTIONARY. [fig) to subdue Sd OMPTEUR tamer [fig) subduer DON" gift : present | Le de plaire, A way [fam. To commit suicide | 'S'en ,' To give o's up to : to have one's fill of it : to ' go in for it ' DON-NEUR -EUSR giver icartes) dealer Donf pron. with, from, by wliom : among whom is (ou are] [chose) which : of, in, with, among, from, ou by which DONZELLE wench Qs. Un enfant gentil a croquer | -SHOOT- c ING la chasse au canard | -WEED lentille ■i dealt I To play _S and DRAKES, Faire |x] des ricochets I Duck V. [heavy) lourd [wearisome) assom- mant [colour) terne [fire) triste [edge blunt) emousse [sound) sourd [com) calme : plat : mort I _of HEARING, Dure d'orei He | -^ I feel , Je m'ennuie pg Dull V. [216] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. twelfthly DUPE [u as «] _ : ' gull ' | Etre la _ de, To be ■ taken in ' by | Duper' va. (Table 44-) to elect : to choose ELISION" — ELITE ' ' ides pers'] choice : pick : best | D' Best : choicest : very finest [regiment) ' crack ' [soldats) picked I^LIXIR I de longtie vie. [sujet) she \ph.ose) it [regime) her : it : herself : itself | s, [pi] They [regime) them : themselves | -meme. s- s) themselves ELL^BORE hellebore ELLIPSE [seom) Igrani) ellipsis EUiptiqire a. [de,from] distant : far away : out of the way : averse : disinclined (de, to] — de son compte. to smoke: to S out : to fill (a room) with S ENFUMOIR smoker (for bees] Engageant' -€ a. guilloche | -TURNING guillochis j Beam_,3fabalan- s cier j Fire- Pompe a incendie | Fire- '? d [i Mi'-bridd'i mongrel I HYDRAULIQUE —ics (pi] ■g H'ydraulique a. JOU PRANg AIS- ANGLAIS JUG JOUR day : light : daylight : opening : means IV. | Dans un mauvais , In a poor light [fig) in a bad humour | Dans les premiers [or derniers] s de, In the early [on latter] part of I D a dit un , C D once said ... _1 Idjov-ye-tl [-menf -Uy] J^OFIAi JTB gaiety | JOY AU jewel Joyeux" -ettse a. to jiercli (sur, on] Lther' JUGHOIR roosting-place Juda'ique a. to judaize JUDAt SME ieece-ni\ Judaism JUDAS' peep-hole JUDIOATUM SOLVI security required from foreigners suing Frenclimen in Fr. K'nelt] 'S s'agenouiller : se niettre a genoux ing a. again, Reconnaitre | C D ought to have — n better, C D n'aurait pas d Q le faire | Everybody s, Personne n'ignore | If it gets — n. Un coup de feu I Ata _ Dans un cas pressant : au moment critique | To give him a Le pousser | He's got plenty of in him [ou.

III.— THE ARRANGEMENT OF BOTH THE FRENCH-ENGLISH AND ENGLISH-FRENCH DIVISIONS CONCURRENTLY ON THE SAME PAGE. o dans sorf] DONA donna DONATAIRE [* f.] beneficiary : donee DONATEUR-TRICJS donor : giver DONATION- — : gift [F. c at beginning or end of sentence, and before vowel] conj. : to get : to set up (pour, for] to take : to occur [bataille) to be fought | Se des airs, To give o'self airs | Se la inort. He is gone to sleep : he is asleep | Ne _ que d'un oeil. sur 30 1 DUCK canard: cane [canvas) toile a voiie [dip) „ plongeon | of a a ravir | A of a ■« child ! Faire le plongeon o DUCK'BILL PLAT'YPUS ornithorynque q DUCK'ING plongeon [, [com] I ]fichoir I When , a I'^cheance Vd UET' [diou-e W\ duo 'DUFF'ER' [de-fe-r1 imbecile :'savetier' Dug pret. Dig] -OUT abri (de tranehie'] DUKE [dtoufce] due | _DOM [de-tn] duche DUL'CIMER tympanon ^Du U a. to eliminate ELINGU'E sling | k pattes, Can-hook Elire va. to bind up : to stack ENGIN" engine : machine : gear : trap _S- de PECHE (pi] fishing-tackle Englobef va. benumbed : dull : torpid ENGOURDISSEMENT" numbness : torpor ENGRAIS" manure : grass : pasture : fatten- ing i _SSEMENT" fattening Engraisser" va. & s" t T.) to get fat : to thrive ENGRAVEMENT" stranding fstranded Engi"aver' t'. de} j'ai un rendez-vous | Naval Combat naval 1 RING bagiie de fian(ailles Enga'ging [gliedjel a. engendrer : faire naitre (^EN'GINE machine [«3l) locotnotive [fig) in- strument 1 -DRIVER, -MAN mecanicien I -ROOM chambre des tnachines | -SHED [i SL] depot des M's | -lurne'd a. a basse pression \ Marine M nuirine | Portable [agr] Lo- comobile I High-speed M a grande vitesse \ Rose Tour" a rosettes \ Stationary M f Uce I Ten horse M de dix chevaux | Donkey Petit cheval ENGINEE'R ienn'-je-nire'] ingenieur [manufac- turing _) constructeur-mecanicien [fitter, en- gine-driver) mecanicien [Xk)officierdu genie S (pi] genie : soldats du genie | ' strike, Greve des mecaniciens | 'S TOOLS ma- c/ii«es-outils [232] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic- Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. HUR FRANg AIS-ANGLAIS HYS asp HURLEMENT" howling : yelling : howl : yell asp Hurler' vn. to yell asp HURLEUR howler [a.) howling HURLUBERLU madcap asp HUSSARD" hussar B34 asp HVTTE hut : shed | _ de Sots' Log-hut f HYACINTHE lee-a-sant] _th H'ybride a. Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. to tilt : to fight : to dispute [de inarclie) to race JOUTEUR antagonist : adversary : cliampion JOVVENCE [en as a»i] youth JOUVENCEAU youth | ^CELLE damsel Jovial -e a. PURVEY'OR [ve-eiir'i fournisseur (to, de] PUSH coup : effort | A of work.

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