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Deschutes County does not collect or retain any portion of the convenience fees charged by Point and Pay™, nor do we collect or retain any customer credit card information.Deschutes County does not issue refunds for payments processed via Point and Pay™.Visitors to The Museum at Warm Springs will experience firsthand the sounds of ancient songs and languages, the mastery of traditional craftsmen and the sights of rich and colorful cultures that make up the Confederated Tribes of The Warm Springs Reservation of Oregon.The three Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation – Warm Springs, Wasco and Northern Paiute, created this museum to sustain their cultures and preserve their traditions for their children and visitors.Check out our collection of desert dwellers in the Desertarium.

Enjoy watching the river otters in their newly renovated .A separate payment should be scheduled for each tax account. Mail your payment to: Deschutes County Taxation Office, PO Box 7559, Bend, OR 97708 Mail early to avoid penalties [ORS 305.820 and ORS 311.05] If you are mailing your payment close to the due date and using the USPS, it is advised that you get a hand stamped postmark or receipt from the post office showing your payment was mailed on or before the due date.These payments are posted as of the date the funds are received so please schedule accordingly. 15th, the discount will be lost and interest will accrue. Cash, Check and money order, payable to "Deschutes County Tax Collector" are accepted. Point and Pay™ is a third-party payment service provider, through which Deschutes County can accept credit cards, debit cards or e Check™.When mailing your property tax payment be advised that in accordance with ORS 305.820 and ORS 311.505, The Deschutes County Tax Collector uses the official post mark date stamp from the United States Postal Service or Private Express Carrier such as UPS or Fed Ex, Etc., to post your payment.Please allow sufficient mail time for your payment to arrive, with a post mark on or before the actual due date.

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You will be asked to provide your Deschutes County Property Tax account number in addition to the credit card or checking account information for your selected payment method.

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