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For its part, Airbnb has made it easier for hosts to note in their listing that the units have surveillance devices. However, if you ask the question before you arrive, their response can be telling.Try "Are there any electronics in the home I should know about? " If they don't give you a straight answer or you get the sense they are trying to hide something, you can move on to another listing.They work by scanning a room to find devices that are transmitting radio signals and then lighting up or beeping to indicate something is there.Anything that uses Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to send or receive data (which most of today's security and hidden cameras do) will set off an RF detector.Alright, you've booked your rental and have arrived.Your first line of defense is to do a visual check.It's sad but true that surveillance cameras are disguised to look like anything these days; think motion detectors, a smoke detector, baby monitors, USB charging plugs and wall clocks.

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(It might also help to be aware of other common issues, like .) Firsts things first: Airbnb and other vacation sites require that hosts tell guests that they are using surveillance devices.

They also strictly forbid hosts from using them in private spaces, including -- but not limited to -- bathrooms, bedrooms and other sleeping areas.

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You might also be able to find hidden cameras using your smartphone.

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