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Gooper Blooper comes in late, leg clings Ruby Chao tries to walk Ruby Chao: wow i never realized the trouble with leg clinging Ruby Chao: oh well i'll keep doing it anyway : D --- Ruby Chao: so who KOed viola Draco: It was Claire.----In the bus---Nick: So where is Nodstrom Building?Nick: What ever txt tia- my bunk :)Tia: *shakes head* *goes to the back of bus* *sits down*Cassie: DRAMA QUEENJessie: *giggles*Laura: WHIIPPPPPP CRREEEEAAAMMMMMM FIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHHTTTT *shoves whip cream down Aleja's shirt*Aleja: *puts whip cream in joes hair*Jessie: *tackles Desi* *shoves some tomatos down her pants*Court: *runs to Laura and puts chunky milk on her*Joe: *brings out those big inflatable knuckle things* *gives one pair to each* *then gives them pillows to make sumo suits*Desi: ROUND 1 GOES TO JOE AND COURTCourt: Bring it on fattie *winks* *tackles him then hits him*Joe: *rolls on top* hehe *punches her in the butt*Jessie: *hops on top* YEAH!Ruby Chao: are you ready for my plot where A CHARACTER HAS A NIGHTMARE OF EVERYONE IN THE BAR DYING Ruby Chao: WHICH GIVES THEM AMNESIA Draco: No.Ruby Chao removes the plot Draco: I'm ready for the Tenshiplot when she wins the spelling bee.Knowing they couldn't fuck their own friends and still face the world.............. I peered at an endless line of giant black cocks.....................looked like a half mile of bobbing, hard poles.When I had sucked him good and hard, I motioned him around the back to my ass and he quickly plunged his 9" cock up my ass as I gasped and cried in temporary pain.I had my pink, tiny hole fucked by so many hot black dicks that day.............uncut (I loved sucking and tonguing the inside skin on those!

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Ruby Chao: "Sorry, Tenshi, but his pancakes at three in the morning are just too attractive." Saberwulf: Jaxx, friend to all Gooper Blooper: Viola probably occasionally orders Insomnia Cookies Gooper Blooper: a major reason being they're open so late Gooper Blooper: "fellow creatures of the night, I desire chocolate chip." Ruby Chao: that makes me wonder Ruby Chao: if tenshi and viola watched a movie Ruby Chao: what would it be Draco: Bluest hair goes to Lisa.

Gooper Blooper: Tenshi would probably want to watch something with lots of action, right Gooper Blooper: Viola would go for horror or a spooky documentary Gooper Blooper: ACTION HORROR Draco: They end up watching Three Men and a Baby.

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  1. The game gives you the option of choosing either Chidori, Hina who is there to learn how to manage her own family's restaurant, or Chidori's three daughters. /v/ might be more familiar with the flash game Nanaka Crash. Basically: Groundhog Day in a week-long loop, and without the characters being aware of it.