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She appeared in the series alongside her two daughters.

A very supportive mom, she understood that dancing was not everything, and so let her kids develop different interests, not just participating in the show.

They were invited just as participants of the reality series, but hadn’t been members of the company anymore. In addition, she practices volleyball and dates an Instagram star Nick Kelley. Touchdown”, the other members of which were his younger sister Paige and their childhood friend Chloe Lukasiak. By the way, in spite of being two years younger, Paige is 5 inches taller than her sister Brooke.

Date of birth: April 27, 1999 Brooke’s brother is the middle child in the family of Kelly and Randy Hyland. The boy rose to fame as a brother and a son of Dance Moms participants. At first Brooke was one of the favorite dancers of show instructor Abby Lee Miller, but then Maddie Ziegler gained the status of the show star.

But the signs seen in their relationship and life points the edge of their dating history.

Date of birth: November 1, 2000 Paige Mackenzie Hyland is not just Brooke’s little sister, she was also her co-star at “Dance Moms” show.

She practiced various kinds of dances and was quite successful in this activity, but then she quit it to become a cheerleader. They started dating, soon got married and Kelly gave a birth to two daughters – our heroine Brooke, her younger sister Paige – and their brother Josh.

Kelly participated in three full seasons of the show and in the beginning of the fourth one.

The number of tweets in his account created uproar in tabloids and media whether they are dating or not. The rumors turned into objections when the announcement of Greg and Brooke’s joint property sale came out.

Neither Greg nor Brooke ever mentioned about their split.

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