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The three karts cross the finish line at the same time, but in the photo finish, Alfalfa's one straight hair allowed his and Spanky's kart to cross the finish line first and secure them the victory.

Butch and Woim confront Alfalfa after the race, telling him they were going to hurt him because of losing to them after going through all the trouble of stealing their go-kart.

However, in 2014 she met up with her co-stars from “The Little Rascals” at a 20 years reunion since the film was released.

Since she left the entertainment world, Brittany has focused on traveling and education.

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Before we reveal to you where Brittany is today, let’s first introduce you to her; Brittany is a former child actress who gained prominence by starring in the adventure film “The Little Rascals” (1994), next to Bug Hall and Travis Tedford, among other child actors at the time. Well, Brittany left acting in 1996 and up until 2014 there was no news about her in the media, as she liked to stay out of the big picture.

The three karts get back in the race, and Darla (still with her helmet on, masking her identity) saves Spanky & Alfalfa from a trick by Butch & Woim.

She has worked in movies, TV, and music videos - with artists like Major Lazer.Alfalfa punches Butch into a puddle of poop in a pigsty, and then a frightened Woim voluntarily jumps in after him.Spanky offers a membership to Darla, still with her helmet on, thinking she was Waldo, but then Waldo shows up and tells them they'll be hearing from his lawyers.began filming and he turned 4 during the movie shoot. Zac didn't continue acting and nowadays he resides in Dallas, Texas where he works for American Airlines as an accountant.He's still buddies with Bug Hall, if this adorable little @Zac Mabry SHE' S THE HEARTBEAT OF AMERICA, ZAC.— Bug Hall (@Bug_Hall) January 7, 2016 featured a whole slew of cute kids, but we've always had a bit of a soft spot for Waldo, even if he tried to steal Darla from Alfalfa!

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