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Do you think that there will be a moment after it begins streaming where you’re going to get a bunch of shocked and amazed responses to the film? I’ve got to spread the word”, and they were “Brenda, we’ve been watching this show for the past year”. The way that I’ve described the movie, without giving anything away, is that it’s kind of like a new twist to , which I think is really fun. I was a little bit in awe when I was working with him because he’s been in so many projects that I absolutely love and he’s such an incredible actor with so much prestige and gravitas.[laughs] That’s what’s great about Netflix or Hulu or any streaming service, is that you’re able to jump along these trains, BT: Do you think that it will be a word of mouth type of project? He’s such a pro and it was amazing, I had a great time.BT: Who were some of the key collaborators with whom you’d like to work again? I mean that cast was one of my favorites, I would love to work with them again.

I literally started to trust these men with my life because a lot of the time we were shooting in crazy conditions, lots of night shoots, rain showers, we were shooting in sort of desolate areas. ” [giggles] BT: And you recently wrapped on Dollface?

I was really young and obviously that’s where I got my start and they were always very open to giving opportunities to everyone.

It didn’t matter what color you were – if you were black, green, yellow, blue or white, it didn’t matter to them, and it’s kind of nice to see everyone else catching up to that.

Then our showrunner is Ira Ungerleider, who has been doing this since forever, so it’s a fantastic balance of a millenial and someone who’s been doing this forever and is an old hat, and that really was my dream job.

I got to do a lot of things that I never thought that I would be able to do, and this character is a character that I’ve always wanted to play, but I’ve never had the opportunity, so I’m very excited and I hope that people enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.

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The 23-year-old actress showed up to Metro PCS' launch of the new Huewei M835 phone in a fitted black dress with no baby bump in sight.

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