Black dating man outside race their quest dating dalas

Have you noticed yet how these “judgements” are ABOUT the black woman, but also have nothing to do with her specifically?Just because a black woman isn't dating a black man, that doesn't mean she is repelled by her own race.Honestly, that doesn't really have much to do with race at all; rather, it has to do with the mix of personalities in a relationship.Black women aren't dating other races because they think they can control them. One race will seek out another race because the race is clueless about control...Please watch your footing as we step into the land of crooked double standards.As you may already know, double standards seemingly haunt us in every aspect of our lives, whether that's at work, school or the already difficult world of dating.The more we pair and designate races to each other, the more we allow single-mindedness to win. Black babies are cute too, so why do we keep putting mixed children on a pedestal?

Black men are hardly ever challenged with this idea of being a traitor. Saying black women believe they are “better” than others because they date outside their race perpetuates the idea that black skin needs another race to value itself.

But all the other friends of mine, it’s either they vocally say that they won’t or every time an opportunity comes up for them to date outside of their race, there’s some excuse why it’s not going to work.

They never really say it’s because he’s White, or because he’s Spanish or something like that. I think in New York, you find more Black women that date outside of their race.

The twisted rules apply to different types of men and women.

Black women, for example, must play an entirely rigged ball game as compared to black men when they only date outside their race.

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