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The industrial district south of downtown provided homes for some Black, Japanese, and Filipinos, but foreign-born Whites dominated that tract's population.Sociologist Paul Hatt produced a set of more detailed maps of central Seattle based on a 1939 house to house survey conducted by the WPA.Racial restrictive covenants (see database and article) and deed restrictions prevented by Blacks, Asians, and often Jews from renting, buying, or occupying property in most parts of the city and surrounding county.

Small pockets of Black residents remained in the High Point housing project in southwest Seattle, but the number living in Sodo and Georgetown area had declined along with the total population of housing in these areas gave way to freeways, warehouses, and industrial sites. King County's population had increased 26% in the previous decade, reaching 1,182,311.Whites accounted for 94% of county residents joined by 27,805 African Americans, 10,789 Japanese Americans, 4,434 Filipinos, 4,321 Chinese Americans, and several hundred other Asian Americans.The population of Native Americans was also growing, reaching 2,929 and there was a small but uncounted number of Latinos. Discrimination on the basis of race remained fully legal and widely practiced by real estate agents, landlords, white property owners, and neighborhood associations.Here are block by block maps of residences for Ashkenazik Jews, Sephardic Jews, African Americans, Chinese, Filipinos, Japanese.King County population had increased 45% in the decade since 1940 thanks to the World War II influx of defense workers and military personnel. Despite significant increases in the number of African Americans who had come to help the war effort, the population remained 96% white.

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