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A tourist grabs his friend by the shirt and points, stunned, watching the women go by.

This is the response you get when you’re riding with the Caramel Curves, New Orleans’s all-female motorcycle club.

The violence of the Hells Angels depicted by Hunter S.

Still, Laconia police Chief Chris Adams, whose New Hampshire town will attract hundreds of thousands of bikers to its annual Motorcycle Week starting on June 13, said he has seen some officers instantly transform when they're wearing club colors instead of their uniform."Some of them won't look at you or talk to you," Adams said.

He called the fuzzy lines between police and bikers a "valid concern."Adams said his department maintains a "working relationship" with the region's dominant motorcycle gang, the Hells Angels, to address problems big and small.

Braszczok said he didn't intervene because he thought it could compromise his unrelated undercover work.

The gulf between outlaw biker gang and motorcycle club is vast, and the great majority of the law enforcement or veterans clubs perform community services year round, like delivering toys at Christmas or the Patriot Guard Riders, who provide a rumbling motorcade - and a buffer against protesters - at the funerals of fallen soldiers.

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The Blue Knights International, based in Bangor, Maine, did not return a call and email seeking comment.

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