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Some were indigent; others, like the hosts of the party, seemed to have it all: money, land, houses, and cattle. He was a man of many accomplishments—a doctor, politician, and guitarist who could pick out most any regional favorite.Tonight it was the Brazilian samba, plus a new style that was just emerging in Argentina, the melancholy tango.

Hidden, for years, in the tranquil frontiers of Patagonia and the deep forests of the Andes, they started new lives as law-abiding citizens.One friend recalls Lennon yelling, “No, I’m not going to mend your f—ing bicycle,” to his young son.Everything comes to an end, even a tango party in Argentina.Despite having her face on WANTED posters all over the globe, she took a turn around the cabin floor with Dr. In Argentina, they hoped to conceal forever the names history would remember them by: Butch and Sundance.In the 1969 Oscar-winning film , the famous outlaws are shown escaping America to a decrepit village in Bolivia.

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