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They don’t want to add to the ugliness, which pains Jenna all the more, she said, because she has two daughters, Mila, 4, and Poppy, 2.“This moment, as a mother, feels a little frightening, because I’m nervous to have the TV on to hear some of the rhetoric that is coming from the highest position,” Jenna said, conspicuously uttering the syllable “Trump” itself.

“The way I speak about elections and the way I speak about everything has changed, because I’m now a role model to two little humans who I want to teach about love and empathy and compassion.”She and Barbara, who is single, woke up together in Jenna’s bed on the morning after election night, because Jenna’s husband, Henry Hager, was away, and Barbara had come over to watch the returns, which were still being counted into the wee hours.

In May, Laura Bush counseled Jenna that “the change” was not puberty, but menopause, usually occurring much later in a woman's life.

Having a good sense of humor certainly seems to run in the family, and on Friday, July 26, Jenna shared a playful story of how she tried to get Prince Harry to date her twin sister, Barbara, but sunshades kept the then-Royal bachelor from seeing her seriousness.

Jenna Bush Hager was no doubt forgiven for loving meddling to match up her sister by then.

It's fun for any mom to pass down tales of family history to future generations. Bush has made several visits to “Today” to sit beside her daughter and let's just say some intimate revelations have come to light.

Jenna Bush Hager gets her gift for honesty and humor from both her loving parents, former President George W. Regular viewers have learned that Jenna and her mother sometimes share bras, and that's probably not so uncommon, even though announcing such truths on-air probably is.

Jenna wouldn’t say if those results disappointed her, but she and Barbara both expressed a fierce wish to see a female president soon.“One hundred percent,” Jenna said, and again mentioned her girls.

“Mila, the other day in the car, goes, ‘Mommy, Poppy rules the world,’ about her baby sister. Maybe one day she could be president.’ And Mila goes, ‘But, Mom, presidents are men.’ She said that.”From mid-1999 to late-2001 I covered their father’s campaign and the start of his presidency, and I remember seeing them on the fringes of events.

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