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But if you want more, and you are the ONLY one funding the relationship and ensuring that things go well, then you might be dating a loser. He has an exaggerated opinion of himself and thinks he’s too big to be involved in small projects.

Since he stands for nothing, he falls for anything. If it's a pattern in your dating life - then make sure you read the entire post today because you going to be shown the most effective way to break that pattern.Sometimes you will get fooled and all it means is that you must begin to "qualify" men a little better. If that’s all you want in a relationship, I guess it’s a win for you as well. He has dreams so big he doesn’t want to start small. But if care isn’t taken, you can be blindly in love with a loser without knowing. A loser brings nothing to the table and isn’t adding anything positive to your life except frequent trips to orgasmic cloud nine.

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