Are we dating of hanging out

At some point, one person has to confess interest and the other can either return or deny it.In my case, it was denied, but in the case of other guys she did the same thing with, it was returned.There are a few really great women I do hang out with, but for the most part men and women don't share the same interests and energy levels. Are you trying to make friends or are you trying to get some?

If they reciprocate then keep the ball rolling as appropriate.

When we're hanging out as friends, I don't have plans to be more than friends. When we're hanging out as friends, I expect you to show up when you want to.

When we're dating, I expect you to show up to some things when you don't want to, but I want you to, because I'll do the same for you.

If a woman says she only wants to hang out and be friends, the she only wants to hang out as friends. Hanging out as friends means that you've ruled the person out as a life-long mate, but still enjoy their company. A friend of mine has a father who's like 65 or something and apparently the guy is still in a café every week with a guy he first met in primary school.

You can hang out and be her friend, but don't try to manipulate her into catching feelings, because she is free to similarly manipulate you into stroking her ego. He once quipped that the four most important people in his life are said daughter, that guy, the dog, and his wife, in that order.

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I have one and we've been friends for 6 years now, she's great to hang out, you don't have to have sex with a woman to have fun with her.

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