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Allods was one of the first free-to-play MMOs to offer comparable production values to boxed and subscription-based games.When it launched in Europe and North America, its steep leveling curve, strict death penalty and the availability of premium convenience items earned it a reputation as an MMO for the hardcore, and one where some investment of real money would ultimately be necessary.Since 2010, the game has gradually adapted to be more accessible and less punishing to players who choose not to pay.It's worth stating that microtransactions are still a major part of the game - equipment-enhancing runes are regarded as an essential factor in endgame success, and the easiest way to get them is through the in-game store.Hardcore players will find three dungeon wings and new bosses including Drakan, a dragon (if you hadn't guessed) perched on top of a tower.The investment of time necessary to reach this point in the game is substantial - we were shown around by a GM, and it's a shame that only the most dedicated players will get to check it out.

Bray's stated aim for Allods is to offer "many different experiences, [that are] more difficult to master than your typical title." Catering directly to the hardcore is one of the ways that Allods is looking to set itself apart, so bringing in new players and giving them things to do is a careful balancing act.

The exact details on how the Aeds abilities work are still uncertain but more should be revealed by the developer as the release date for Update 8.0 comes closer.

Update 8.0: Immortality will also contain some winter themed content which suggests it should be released very soon however, an official release date has not been provided just yet.

The area looks very impressive - a large amount of care and imagination has gone into the apocalyptic cityscape and design of its inhabitants.

One monster is a kind of Aztec Cthulhu wearing a dress, something all games should have.

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