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Landlines can also be programmed to allow for “call waiting” so that two or more conversations can be maintained on the line.I've really struggled with this blog series, but after lots of careful consideration, asking on Twitter and changing my mind many (many many!!! In the interest of sharing another money making method and providing a useful guide to keep you safe, I decided that this blog post is a good thing.A landline number is the same thing as a phone number.

The site works on a credits system – the clients can buy credits using a variety of methods and top up their account.A landline phone is also known as a “hard wired” phone line because there is a physical connection between the phone equipment and the place where it is located.Usually, this connection is a phone jack that is visible on the wall and has a phone line connected to it.Be sure to fill your profile with as much information as possible. You can tick that you're interested in each and every experience – the more the better.You also need to write a profile – again, the more information the better.

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