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Plus, make money off phone sex with their new mobile app and get listed in their high-trafficked directory. Membershyp is a network for selling social media subscriptions, powered by the same people behind Sky Private.

Membershyp supports Snapchat, Instagram, Kik and Whats App.

Both these products make it insanely simple to charge for sessions, while providing tools to eliminate freeloaders and time-wasters. Quick Information: The only real requirement to get started is you must be eighteen years old or older.

You’ll need to provide a digital copy of photo ID during registration, for age verification.

Using the Sky Private plugin, you can also verify that customers have funds in their accounts, eliminating freeloaders and time-wasters. The Sky Private plugin integrates directly with Skype.

It’s the same Skype interface with a couple added features. Step 1) Register For Sky Private – Before using the Skype plugin, you must first register for Sky Private.

There is no hiring process (everyone can make money with Sky Private) and the signup process is very easy and straight-forward.

There you will find a promo link to share with customers.

Any customer that signs up under that link, will earn you an extra 6% on all purchases they make from you. When you want to receive a payment, simply request the payout from the dashboard, and the payout will start processing.

When you go live on Skype and the Sky Private plugin, it’ll indicate that you’re online via the directory. Model Centro is a visual website building platform that allows models to easily build, host and make money off their very own website. By syncing Sky Private to Model Centro, a link will be added to the websites main navigation.

A website link will also be added to your Sky Private page in their directory.

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