Accomodating patients

This is the only FDA approved accomodating lens, but there are other technologies available.

Lenstec, an IOL maker in Florida, made another accomodating lens, comparable in price to Crystalens. A study published by the British Journal of Opthamology was unenthusiastic about the product, (though less connected to the manufacturer than the above Crystalens study), particularly due to the stiffening of the lens's response at six months, while Crystalens remains flexible for at least 3 years.

Given the statistical trend toward obesity in the general population and the skyrocketing increase in bariatric surgical programs, hospitals need to address the special design and equipment needs of obese patients in both their short- and long-range planning.

There are many reasons why design guidelines and considerations for the obese and bariatric patients are needed, but perhaps one of the most important reasons is patient dignity.

"Many times they will delay or avoid medical treatment based on access and sensitivity to their healthcare environment." Architects and designers need specific guidelines Unfortunately, many hospitals are under-equipped to accommodate the growing number of bariatric patients.

One reason is the lack of weight-specific design guidelines.

Professor Kimani Paul-Emile writes that such requests–based on race or ethnicity–are not unusual at U. Should the law tolerate these forms of discrimination?

For near visual acuity, the measurement is done at 14", while for distant visual acuity, the measurement is done at 20'.

Smart IOL from Medennium, Inc., in Irvine, CA, consists only of a full-sized, 9.5-mm diameter by 3.5-mm optic made of a thermodynamic, hydrophobic acrylic material Other technologies in the works include the Sarfarazi Twin-Optic Elliptical Accommodating IOL, from Bausch and Lomb Rochester NY Quest Vision Technologies in Tiburon, CA, and reasearch from Advanced Medical Optics, Inc.

Disclaimer: Each patient has unique visual characteristics and requires the consultation of a qualified eye surgeon before determining what treatment modality is best.

In the past, many have been transported in freight elevators and weighed on loading docks.

"Obese patients are often fearful that new environments will not have the appropriate equipment to meet their needs or assist in their healing," says Amanda Budak, RN, MSN, CBN, a program manager of the digestive disease service line at the Medical University of South Carolina.

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