Accommodating ell in the classroom

This article will provide practical suggestions on how busy mainstream and ESL teachers can accommodate ELLs in assessments in ESL and mainstream classrooms.

Long-term progress is easily assessed since dialogue journals are a permanent and ongoing record of language skills.Busy mainstream classroom teachers are often overburdened with many responsibilities that leave them little time to prepare special accommodations for ELLs.Despite this, mainstream teachers are responsible for preparing ELLs to take standardized and teacher-made tests and assessments.Accommodations can be selected according the English level of the ELL.Here are examples for quick adjustments for multiple choice, matching, short answer, discussion/essay, fill in the blank, and true/false tests: Additional Suggestions for Alternative Assessments Teachers who are able to invest additional time in assessment of ELLs might try some of the following: Incorporate dialogue journals, especially in English language arts and social studies and for the incorporation of reading and writing language objectives.

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ESL and mainstream teachers can have a difficult time evaluating and assessing the progress of ELL students in their classrooms.

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