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You ask yourself, Am I the only one feeling this way? There are more traders than you can imagine who trade this way.

From my experience, traders who scalp do this the most.

I have to tell you that I learned this from my own experience and it took me years of trading before I got it. I have a hobby I love aviation and I fly a flight simulator all day and it keeps me busy.

When I started trading I was told to have something to do at my desk, while waiting for trades. No, I was crazy not to listen and made stupid trades and lost a lot of money chasing trades. It is just a few steps from my trading desk so I am there when needed.

I always look at the market asking questions to others or myself.

My state of mind is at ease most of the time and if it is not I have this saying Make a move and change the thought.

Today I have to tell you that I learned my strategy in 2007.

I have to tell you I think about trading all the time.Brilliant Directories websites already include anti-spam measures like re Captcha and honeypots, but spam is relentless.Bots always seem to find a way through a website’s defenses.Enhance your site’s form security with Spam Form Protector by defining a set of keywords that you consider spam.The system will then block any submissions that contain those keywords.

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I have tweaked it some but very little in over ten years.

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