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Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal, his older sister, appeared with him in the film Donnie Darko.Since then, he has acted in a wide range of movies, ranging from the critically-acclaimed thriller, Zodiac (2007), the action adventure film, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010), sporting a bulked-up physique, the box office hit, Love & Other Drugs(2010), in which he teamed up with Anne Hathaway, once again, the action thriller Source Code (2011), the acclaimed LAPD drama End of Watch (2012) and the edge of your seat crime thriller Prisoners (2013) for which Jake won the Hollywood Film Festival supporting actor of the year award."The charioteer of the human soul drives a pair of steeds, and one of the horses is beautiful, good, and formed of such elements, whereas the makeup of the other one is quite the opposite." -Phaedrus A Blog For All and None. A place primarily to share and obtain feedback to my thoughts through my graduate career in philosophy.For philosophy is simply "thoughts that have been thought out." View my complete profile Life, at least as I experience it (and also as I hear confirmed from others), never ceases to be a node of surprises, postive and negative, comic and tragic, glorious and disasterous.He is also the brother of actress Maggie Gyllenhaal, who played his sister in Donnie Darko (2001).His mother is from a Jewish family and his father's ancestry includes Swedish, of the noble Swedish Gyllenhaal family, and English.Thus, humanity's imperfection deters him not only on a moral level, but on an epistemological one as well: "not having attained the mysteries of being..." Plato suggests it is because of this drive downward, toward the material and bodily realm, away from the spiritual realm of (Ideas), of goodness and perfection, that we many times fail to grap "true being."I have chosen this theme suitable for my blog on a number of various levels, each which tell something of myself or of my philosophical interests.

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He followed this with roles encompassing many different genres, including the Walt Disney romantic comedy, Bubble Boy (2001); opposite Jennifer Aniston in another Sundance favorite, The Good Girl (2002), and in the science fiction blockbuster, The Day After Tomorrow (2004), which also starred Dennis Quaid.

Making his theater debut, Gyllenhaal appeared on the London stage with a starring role in Kenneth Lonergan's revival of "This Is Our Youth".

It must be mentioned, however, that the contents of this blog, despite the contents of this post, will not be only concerned with abstract discussion on the nature of the soul and the nature of knowledge, etc., but I hope it to be about life and the human spirit, about the life encounters of the human person, theoretical musings with practical and relatable ramifications, from my perspective and those of professional philosophers.

Therefore, hopefully someone without formal training in philosophy will not be bored with it.

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These souls long after the upper world"..not being strong enough they are carried round below the surface, plunging, treading on one another, each striving to be first; and there is confusion and perspiration and the extremity of effort; and many of them are lamed or have their wings broken through the ill-driving of the charioteers; and all of them after a fruitless toil, not having attained to the mysteries of being, go away, and feed upon opinion." Although this symbol tells more a tale of disaster than glory, tragedy than comedy, Plato's emphasis bespeaks humanity's plight away from perfection, in a state elsewhere than amongst the forms, yet with an inner drive to compel us there.

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